Shamanic Healing

Shamanism is based on the belief that everything is Spirit. Everything means the earth, air, water, trees, plants, your body, mountains, you name it; it is Spirit. We are a denser energy of physical form. Remembering that we too are energy is the basis of Shamanism.

The purpose of shamanic healing is to integrate the spirit and the body. Shamanic healing clears the energy field, restoring balance to the physical, focusing the mind, and giving the Spirit a peaceful home in which to reside and create. Sami is the state of oneness we seek to attain in shamanic healing to nurture those energies of love, gratitude and connection to all of life that is Spirit. As it is Above, so it is Below.


People seek shamanic healing when they are confused about a decision, when resistance arises or when feeling stuck, when issues from the past present themselves, for depression, anxiety, or aftermath of accidents and trauma, for relationship difficulties, or to achieve a goal or start new projects.


A Shamanic Energy Healing session weaves Universal Reiki Energy through the  Subconscious and the Physical. If Reiki is the electrical current, Shamanism is the light bulb and the lamp. By weaving the two profound understandings and transformations occur.