EarthSong Healing Arts

"Erin is an amazing Reiki Therapist. Her attention and sensitivity toward my situation and needs was perfect. Additionally, the clarity of her intuitive guidance has helped me to grow and become more clear with myself. Thank you Erin." -M.F.

"Erin helped me heal a lot of lingering past emotional trauma surrounding my mother's death. I saw her about a month or two ago, and I can say that reopening, balancing, and rehealing (properly, this time) those wounds was one of the best decisions I've made. We had a reiki session, and the whole time I felt more than incredibly at ease and connected to the spirit of the earth around us. Since seeing her, my third eye and heart chakras feel as though they're glowing. I can't wait to see her again this weekend." -C.B.

Are you ready to begin your personal Healing journey?

Personalized and one-on-one, this is for the woman committed to her journey and to herself. 

Woman-to-Woman Facilitated Healing

Find your strength, magic and power in sacred circle with women healing from within, just like you.

Women's Sacred Circle Facilitated Healing

For the woman so determined to write her own story that physical space just disappears.

Independent and free-roaming women coming together in virtual space to heal and find their inner power.

Virtual Women's Sacred Circle  Facilitated Healing

"What a great experience! I had been told that I had certain food allergies many years ago and that's why I was getting migraines. I didn't have it checked again. Erin used her pendulum and really took her time to evaluate what was good for me and what wasn't. What I had been doing is associating a certain food with a migraine, and soon or sometimes the next day I would get a migraine. The mind and body were working together to make what I believed happen. Then, she balanced my energy by using magnets and other energy tools on certain meridians. I feel like a new person!!! Thank you Erin!" -N.A.