Erin Leigh Gassett, B.S.

Reiki, Sound Balancing, Intuitive Counseling, Vibrational Healing, Psychic Medium

I founded my practice with the intention of healing our Earth, one soul at a time, by helping others find peace, balance and healing in their lives. I do this through a combination of energy work, intuitive guidance and Solfeggio tuning forks. The tuning forks work within the physical and energy body of the client to clear and raise the vibration of "stuck" energy. This allows the body to heal itself of emotional, mental, spiritual and physical traumas that cause patterns of imbalances (disease). Energy work (Reiki) further raises the vibration of the client allowing for deeper healing to occur and anchors the healing that took place during the session. Intuitive guidance gives my clients a direction to go home with to continue bringing positive and healthy change into


The body continues to heal itself over the following days, so I recommend increasing water consumption, deep breathing and taking the time to rest after a session. Ever heard of stress causing illness? Sometimes emotions will surface following a session; this is healthy and normal, even essential, as patterns of disharmony are held in place by emotional pain. I am here for emotional support following a session if necessary.

I look forward to seeing you in session! 

Many Blessings,




EarthSong Healing Arts

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