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Purpose. Mission. Truth. Compassion. Transformation. Healing. Journey. Earth. Soul. clarity. Meaning. joy.

EarthSong exists as a method to educate and empower women. Arising from the ashes of her own Phoenix story, Erin created EarthSong,  a unique tool to share what she learned and experienced as a way to help others looking for encouragement, guidance and a way forward. Biologist, Intuitive Counselor, Shamanic Practitioner, Earth-Centered Life-Coach and Jungian Enthusiast, Erin's style is grounded, centered, practical and action-based. Beginning with EarthSong is all about living the Life Journey in a compassionate and joyful way!

EarthSong is for you if:

1. You are at a Crossroads and uncertain which path to choose.

2. Repeating patterns are showing up in interactions with others and you are looking to break the cycle.

3. You are looking for purpose and greater meaning in daily routine.

4. Finding your own Truth to guide your life is important to you.

5. You are ready to take responsibility for your life and regain your power.

6. You are looking for a compassionate and non-judgmental approach to creating life.

7. Getting to the root of the problem to begin shifting your life is what you want.

8. Being an Earthling holds a certain responsibility, and maybe you are unclear what that responsibility is, but you hear the Calling to rise up and make a difference.

Erin's online courses, groups, retreats and 1:1 intensives are here to create joyful, fulfilled, grounded, effective, and powerful Earth Beings, doing what we can to make this a better place by aligning our bodies, minds, emotions and souls with what the Earth needs from us. As we humans shift our relationships with ourselves and others we can co-create with Earth and stop destroying our home. This begins with individual action and shifts. When we fill our lives with natural beauty and joy, we bring more of it to Earth. The wonderful thing is, your Soul is already programmed with the difference you came to Earth to make, all that is needed is learn to unlock the keys, listen, learn and DO. It is not always easy, but is is always worth it in the end.

Erin invites you to find a program, course or 1:1 that speaks to you and begin shifting your Earth Journey today.

Begin shifting your journey. Book a session with Erin Today.

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