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Nature -Connected Life Coaching Package

The focus of this style of life-coaching is two-fold. The first is to develop self-listening, mindful presence, silent observation, awakening and “organic knowing,” the innate system that all living beings have to survive, adapt and evolve in response to the context around us. The second is to apply these newfound insights and ways of being into an action plan that is harmonious with, not only the natural world we live in, but also aligned with your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual goals of your Soul Journey. This work applies the feminine intuition to the masculine action for goal-oriented results.

Nature-Connected Life Coaching will help you approach common life challenges from a new perspective, allowing you to break free of old patterns and create a whole new way of being. This Self-Empowering method transitions YOU into the "driver's seat" of your life, letting go of past conditioning and what other's have projected you to be.

Is your goal to...

Create boundaries within relationships. Heal from grief and abandonment. Attract abundance in careers. Heal root causes of addiction and co-dependence. Replace the feeling of dissatisfaction or emptiness with fulfillment and joy. Discover what subconscious patterns are contributing to feeling stuck and depressed and learn to heal them. Approach Self-Empowerment and Spiritual Awakening from the perspective of what it means to be a human on Earth with practical steps of action.

Contact Erin to start your healing journey in a Nature-Connected way.

$1111.00 for a 12 session package. A consultation is required prior to enrolling to be certain we are a good match and whether this type of coaching will benefit you at this time.

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My life has changed so much for the best. I don't even know where to begin. ERIN is AMAZING. My life has changed so much. ERIN has been working with me to achieve my goals in life, love, and happiness and all I can say is it is working. I haven't felt as good or as happy in many many years. ❤️" -D.S.

"Erin helped me heal a lot of lingering past emotional trauma surrounding my mother's death. I saw her about a month or two ago, and I can say that reopening, balancing, and rehealing (properly, this time) those wounds was one of the best decisions I've made. We had a reiki session, and the whole time I felt more than incredibly at ease and connected to the spirit of the earth around us. Since seeing her, my third eye and heart chakras feel as though they're glowing. I can't wait to see her again this weekend." -C.B.

"A session with Erin is a wonderful way to be good to yourself, body and soul. Erin is a gifted & skilled practitioner. She radiates loving kindness. She assesses your status, needs, reviews and explains the plan of action. I always feel so much better after meeting with her. I have been working with Erin regularly and I am much healthier and happier." -H.L.