My Page of Gratitude and Love

"Dear Client, Thank you for your openness, your vulnerability and your honesty. Thank you for allowing yourself to let go enough to heal. Thank you for validating my work and giving me something to read when I question my desire to assist others in their journey. Thank your for helping us make a difference and an impact in the world we live in. Each of you that has walked through my door, whether you realize it or not and whether or not you have left words here, has inspired, healed and helped me as much as I hope I have helped you; the more one heals the more others around are also inspired to heal. For this, and ever so much more, I am grateful." -Erin Leigh

"My life has changed so much for the best. I don't even know where to begin. ERIN is AMAZING. My life has changed so much. ERIN has been working with me to achieve my goals in life, love, and happiness and all I can say is it is working. I haven't felt as good or as happy in many many years. ❤️" -D.S.

"What a great experience! I had been told that I had certain food allergies many years ago and that's why I was getting migraines. I didn't have it checked again. Erin used her pendulum and really took her time to evaluate what was good for me and what wasn't. What I had been doing is associating a certain food with a migraine, and soon or sometimes the next day I would get a migraine. The mind and body were working together to make what I believed happen. Then, she balanced my energy by using magnets and other energy tools on certain meridians. I feel like a new person!!! Thank you Erin!" -N.A.

"Such a welcoming space and lady. Very helpful, knowledgeable, and healing." -L.D.

"Amazing reiki experience. I felt an immediate connection with Erin and trusted her through the process. I will definitely be back." -E.P.

"Erin is an amazing Reiki Therapist. Her attention and sensitivity toward my situation and needs was perfect. Additionally, the clarity of her intuitive guidance has helped me to grow and become more clear with myself. Thank you Erin." -M.F.

"Erin helped me heal a lot of lingering past emotional trauma surrounding my mother's death. I saw her about a month or two ago, and I can say that reopening, balancing, and rehealing (properly, this time) those wounds was one of the best decisions I've made. We had a reiki session, and the whole time I felt more than incredibly at ease and connected to the spirit of the earth around us. Since seeing her, my third eye and heart chakras feel as though they're glowing. I can't wait to see her again this weekend." -C.B.

"Amazing experience, I felt safe as soon as I walked in the door." -E.P.

"A session with Erin is a wonderful way to be good to yourself, body and soul. Erin is a gifted & skilled practitioner. She radiates loving kindness. She assesses your status, needs, reviews and explains the plan of action. I always feel so much better after meeting with her. I have been working with Erin regularly and I am much healthier and happier." -H.L.

"Erin is the most intuitive and versatile healer I know. She is excellent at intuiting just the right method of healing I need, whether it is sound healing, reiki, crystal healing or soul retrieval. I highly recommend her." -M.C.A.

"Can't say enough about Erin! I waked into her space as one person and left feeling like a totally different being. She is so talented! Erin has an amazing ability and works from many different modalities. She is intuitive and very accurate in her assessments. I highly recommend her services." -E.R.

"Erin is wonderful! She is a very skilled healer that can work and combine many different types of healing depending on individual needs. She is someone that you feel comfortable with immediately." -M.D.

"Song of Gaia is an amazing healing space! Erin is a compassionate, intuitive healer who offers so much space for one to be who they need to be..." -M.F.

"I was all sparkly when I left yesterday. I love sessions with Erin!!!" -H.H.

"As someone who does energy work myself (Reiki II), I can honestly recommend Erin as highly intuitive, skilled and thorough. I do not get there as often as I would like, but she is definitely my go to person. Her energy is light and loving and she truly cares about her work and the people she treats." -B.D.B.