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Image by Roksolana Zasiadko

Shamanic healing is not magic.

"Instead, it is a powerful, transformative modality that helps us shed emotional traumas, blockages, burdens, old beliefs and baggage that keep us from being the best versions of ourselves."  - Forbes Magazine

Erin at EarthSong is helping awakening humans release blockages and find spiritual answers around life, death and purpose.

Modern humans are experiencing a renewed focus on self, spirit and healing the planet, as people around the globe seek to find meaning and purpose in a world that is filled with trauma, negativity and noise. 


Meditation is becoming a more common daily ritual; yoga, Reiki and eco-connection are rising in popularity as a way to ground and regenerate. More and more people are opening to alternate ways of experiencing death, spirituality and life. New, alternative healing modalities are being explored as questioning humans look beyond the media and technology to find health & happiness amid a changing world.

Here at EarthSong, empowerment is first as Erin teaches you to balance, align and find answers within your OWN SOUL! Book an appointment easily with accessible online scheduling. 

Image by Xuan Nguyen

My Story

Shamanic Healing

Reiki and Integrated Energy Healing

A nature-based approach to energetic healing.

Deep, lasting transformation that is powerful, compassionate and meets you exactly where you are at.

"A session with Erin is a wonderful way to be good to yourself, body and soul. Erin is a gifted and skilled practitioner. She radiates loving kindness. She asses your status, needs, reviews and explains the plan of action. I always feel so much better after meeting with her. I have been working with Erin regularly and I am much healthier and happier"


"Erin is the most intuitive and versatile healer I know. She is excellent at intuiting just the right method of healing I need, whether it is sound healing, reiki, crystal healing or soul retrieval. I highly recommend her."


"Erin helped me heal a lot of lingering past emotional trauma surrounding my mother's death. I saw her about a month or two ago, and I can say that reopening, balancing, and rehealing (properly, this time) those wounds was one of the best decisions I have made. We had a Reiki session, and the whole time I felt more than incredibly at ease and connected to the spirit of the Earth around us. Since meeting her, my third eye and heart chakras feel as though they're glowing. I can't wait to see her again this weekend."


"Erin is wonderful! She is a very skilled healer that can work and combine many different types of healing depending on individual needs. She is someone that you feel comfortable with immediately."


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