What EarthSong Healing Arts Is All About

The Mind/Body connection is profound and affects each one of us mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically whether one is aware of the connection or not. Every person is faced with a daily decision to heal or to stay the victim and that choice is only carried out by one person...YOU. No one can heal you but you, but no one should have to heal alone or without support unless they choose to do so. 

That is what Erin is here to do, hold space and be the healing facilitator for your own inner growth and empowerment. Much of the depth of the work done in facilitated healing with Erin is because of her commitment to believing and respecting each woman in her unique self, seeing her as already whole and opening her eyes to the beauty and freedom that is already there. While the past cannot be altered, how one views the past can. Revisiting and finding the strengths encoded and buried in the past, learning to stand up and be free of the crippling limiting beliefs about ourselves and each other is at the core of a facilitated healing.


Each session, whether in Sacred Circle or 1:1, is tailored to the individual needs presenting. Every session is a customized blend of modalities that may include energy healing, Reiki, tuning forks, crystals, nature immersion, chakra and meridian balancing, spiritual alchemy, channeling, soul counseling, guided meditation and journeying.

Who Benefits From EarthSong Healing Arts?

Anyone who identifies as a woman who is:

  • Ready to build capacity to EMBRACE life experience, emotions, & POSSIBILITY

  • Birthing anything including babies, herself or her ideas

  • Reaching for a deep relationship with herself, her body, her soul, her heart, her Universe & others

  • Desiring a joyful, meaningful, intentional life and/or self EXPRESSION

  • Wanting collaboration, COMMUNITY, and fullness in her life

  • Wanting support w/ internal shifts, wellness & transitions

What I Will Gain or Learn

  • Tools to embrace your emotions as ALLIES for wisdom and forward movement

  • Profound group healing process, support, compassion, and connection

  • Techniques to support EMBODYING your strengths, who you want to be, expansion

  • Self-love and forgiveness practices for authenticity and peace

  • Meditations and practices to build awareness, depth, and INNER listening

  • Tools for ILLUMINATING and clearing limiting beliefs and past unresolved issues/trauma

  • Healing practices to RELEASE ancestral losses and ties that do not serve you

  • How to define your boundaries, VALUES, and intentions for the life you want

Details and How to Begin

Beginning a journey requires the commitment to begin and a commitment to take each and every "next" step. The difference between one that finishes a journey and one that does not is that at some point the next step was not taken and the journey stopped. The first step to beginning to work with Erin,  either in Circle or individually is to ask yourself if you are truly ready and wanting to empower your life. It requires a willingness to go deep, be present, and truly see oneself as beautiful. And it isn't always pretty, we get a bit muddy along the way. But the view at the peaks are magnificent!

Examples of Sacred Circles held are:

  • Healing Through Art

  • Becoming The Hero of Your Life

  • Monthly Women's Circle

  • Conscious Creation

  • Healing with Intention

  • ....and so many others

If you are desiring to commit to yourself and do your soul's healing work, click HERE for available 1:1 appointments and upcoming Circles.​

EarthSong Healing Arts

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