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Are you going through changes in your life? Do you feel like you are about to grasp something about yourself that is big? Are you looking for guidance, but are resistant to having others tell you what to do? 

As a Shamanic Practitioner and Nature-Connected Life Coach, I support people in finding guidance from within, awakening to their true nature that has been waiting to be discovered, and using the grounding force of Nature to illuminate ones path. I will teach what has worked for me and help you discover what works for you.

If you are ready to begin an epic soul journey of your own, choose a format below to learn more.

-Erin Leigh Gassett


Find your inner connection and start creating your life, in a format that works for you.


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Choosing a Life Coach and a Healer is a highly personal decision. Each person has an individual energetic fingerprint that attracts them toward the path that is best for them, putting them in resonance or dissonance with the world around them. I am honored that your search has brought you to my site! Whether you choose me as your Coach and Healer or not, I hope you leave here with a bit of insight as to how I approach the Soul Journey.

Within each individual there are two energies that seek to be in harmony and balance. When these energies harmonize life flows, joy is abundant, creation seems effortless and the path we choose to follow makes sense.

The first energy is the feminine. This is the energy of receiving, listening, feeling, and discovering. When working with and healing the feminine, the focus of the internal is "What do I feel?" "What is my purpose?" "Why does my previous belief system or way of being no longer work for me?". The feminine process of healing is about learning to be comfortable within one's own skin, deep inner exploration and taking responsibility for all of the choices that have gotten one thus far in the sacred Journey of the Soul. The awakening of the feminine often feels like a life crisis as one outgrows the old and has no idea how navigate the new. It can be an overwhelming experience or may present as a feeling of "there MUST be more than this!". Awakening and healing the feminine always precedents the second energy, which is the masculine energy of putting into action.

The second energy is the masculine. This is the energy of interpreting, knowing, discerning and taking steps towards action. Healing and working with the masculine involves finding the courage to follow what has been received by the feminine. Questions that come up from this place are "I think I have an idea of who I am, but how do I do me?" "I have an idea of what will give me joy, but what are the steps I need to take to get there?" "I feel like I have healed and changed, but now I feel stagnant; what comes next?". All of these questions have an action step to them. The lessons of the masculine are courage, discipline and exploration.

As you may imagine, each energy presents in a very different way and therefore requires its own unique combination of tools in the healing and coaching process. For that reason, I have created two paths for my clients to fully optimize the time spent with me. In the next minute, reflect on what led you to my site and which energy you feel yourself to be coming from. Your questions and life challenges will contain aspects of both of these energies, but deciding which is the predominant energy is key. There is little else more frustrating than attempting to put a goal-oriented action plan into place if you have no idea what you want to accomplish! Where are YOU in your Soul Journey?

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