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My beginning...

Hi, my name is Erin.


I began my spiritual healing journey 8 years ago from what seemed to be the bottom of a giant hole with no way out. I was trapped, feeling hopeless and completely at a loss as to what to do about it. Every option turned into a dead end, or so it seemed. I lost everything and had to start over and it wasn't the first time I had started over. I was tired.


From this place, I had to turn to my soul...nothing else was working. I had to learn to listen to my heart and my soul's guidance. Little did I know, this was the call to begin my healing journey, the heart-cry of the wounded healer archetype. I learned I had a team of helpers on the "otherside" just waiting for me to ask for their help.

From these invisible helpers, I learned about energy and connections.


I learned about patterns and family trauma.


I learned that the visible world is just a skin for what is really going on under the surface, just like the human body has a skin but most of the processes necessary for life are going on beneath the surface.


I learned that shifting energy changes things.


I learned that what is above is below and what is within is also outside.


I learned that nature is a metaphor and holds keys to universal patterns.


I learned what "joy" feels like for the first time.


I learned that humanity is being asked to return to the Earth and heal our planet. And when I asked, "But how?", "One Soul at a time." was the reply.

So here I am, showing up for one soul at time. Teaching empowerment and how to shift energy through energy-work, shamanic practice and nature connection. Are you ready to shift with me? What if you could ask a team to help you out and they showed up full force? Imagine...


If you are struggling and feeling blocked, you are not alone.



Have questions?

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