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SHIFT with Shamanic Healing

Work through blockages.

Develop Spiritually.

Live more authentically and in alignment with your life purpose.

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What is Shamanic Healing?

In Shamanism, Energetic Healing happens on a spiritual  and energetic level, with the assistance of spirit helpers.


Everyone can learn to connect with their own soul and spiritual guidance. In a Shamanic Healing session, you will have work done on your behalf AND be empowered to continue working on your own after the session.


The Shamanic journey is a joyful method of empowerment that can be used to get answers to personal questions, to heal ancestral patterns, and to heal the planet. It is a method of direct revelation that connects us to Source through spiritual guides. It is a way to get us out of our heads as well as to expand our awareness and consciousness. When we learn to problem solve by expanding what we think or believed to be true, it raises our self-esteem and potential in a grounded way. The shamanic journey is a tool to learn to connect in this way, which you will begin to learn how to do in a healing session.


In the sessions, first we will explore together what is coming up for you and the direction the healing will take.   Based off of the initial assessment and intuitive guidance we will then enter into the journey and the energy work. Every session is different!


The healing happens in layers.


Often there will be drumming and energy work based on the intention of the session with an integration that follows.


Sometimes there is energy work or biofield tuning with tuning forks.


Crystals may be incorporated.

Past life regression or Akashic records may come up if there are lifetimes of repeated patterns or ancestral healing.

A loved one in spirit may show up and ask for healing or assist in your own healing.


A guide may come through with things to consider or a new approach.


You may be connected with a power animal or guide. 


You may see colors or images.


There may be emotional release.


Whatever happens in a session, it is always my soul's helper-healing guides working with your soul's helper-healing guides to empower you and heal your body. You need no prior experience with the energetic realm for the sessions to be effective. You also do not need to hold specific "beliefs" for healing to happen. A curious mind and an intention to heal are the only pre-requisites to engaging in shamanic healing. Everything else falls into place and is exactly as it needs to be. 

You will have the opportunity to learn to connect with your helper-healing guides if you choose to (not everyone wants to, but it is empowering to do so). Not only will I safely work on your behalf as a guide in the unseen realms, but I will teach you skills that will help you remember the creative power you were born with, re-establish your connections with the natural world, and honor and respect that which gives us life. Usually, "homework" is involved after a session. 

When we ask for help to heal and grow and are willing to do the work, amazing things DO happen. 

How often should I have a shamanic healing?

How do I prepare for a session?

That is 100% up to you. I recommend at least 3 weeks between sessions to integrate and take time to apply the concepts from the healing sessions. Energetic work is planting seeds that will need to be watered to grow. Often you will go home with exercises or "homework" that ideally will be completed between sessions. Each person grows at their own pace. My personal favorite "happy spot" with client frequency is once every three months, so once a season or quarter. It has a natural flow aligned with the seasons and is doable financially for most clients. Having an Integrated Energy session in-between shamanic sessions is often helpful.

How much is a session?

Sessions are $95 per hour and a half session. If you wish to purchase a 4-session bundle it is $340 (a session for every quarter/season over a year and $10 off per session),  please contact Erin directly at for details on how to purchase a bundle.

Drink water! Hydration is important for energy work.

Also, meditation or journeying (if that is part of your practice) can help prepare you for a deeper session.

Journal work and paying attention to your dreams is also helpful.

Abstaining from alcohol and drugs for at least 24 hours prior to the session is requested, including marijuana. You will get more out of a session in a sober "real" mind. Being chemically altered can actually cause more damage than good as your energy changes with chemical intervention and causes distortions within the biofield. Do NOT discontinue prescribed medications unless your medical doctor recommends doing so. Shamanic healing is in no way a medical modality nor is EarthSong responsible for personal decisions regarding your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. 

But energy healing is new to me...

Can shamanic healing be done from a long distance?

Shamanic services can be offered successfully through distance work. Physical location is irrelevant in the spirit world. I will only do shamanic work for another person if they have granted me permission to do so. I do not interfere with others’ freedom or psychic space without informed consent. Requesting a session to be done or energy sent on behalf of another is not an option without the consent of the receiving person, including sending "love and light energy" to that person. Disrupting another's psychic boundaries is never ok, even with "good intentions". For those who have consented, sessions over Zoom are highly effective as often the client is more comfortable in their own surroundings! To have an online session, please request when booking in the "do you have questions" comment.

Whether you are at the very beginning of your spiritual questioning or are an advanced practitioner with clients of your own, Shamanic healing meets you where you at. No prior experience is necessary. I have observed that the more open minded and curious one is to the experience, the more profound the energy is perceived to be. I believe this is because when we are open and curious our energy is expanded and not in a state of protective contraction. Sometimes what we think we know actually limits the experience. The beginner's mindset is much more conducive to healing. In my own practice, I strive to go into each session willing to learn, willing to be shown new ways of being and open to questioning what I have always believed to be true. In a session the healing will happen no matter what your experience level is!

If you’d like more information about our features, get in touch today.

A Nature-Based Approach to Energetic 

Deep, lasting transformation that is powerful, compassionate and meets you exactly where you are at.

"A session with Erin is a wonderful way to be good to yourself, body and soul. Erin is a gifted and skilled practitioner. She radiates loving kindness. She asses your status, needs, reviews and explains the plan of action. I always feel so much better after meeting with her. I have been working with Erin regularly and I am much healthier and happier"


"Erin is the most intuitive and versatile healer I know. She is excellent at intuiting just the right method of healing I need, whether it is sound healing, reiki, crystal healing or soul retrieval. I highly recommend her."


"Erin helped me heal a lot of lingering past emotional trauma surrounding my mother's death. I saw her about a month or two ago, and I can say that reopening, balancing, and rehealing (properly, this time) those wounds was one of the best decisions I have made. We had a Reiki session, and the whole time I felt more than incredibly at ease and connected to the spirit of the Earth around us. Since meeting her, my third eye and heart chakras feel as though they're glowing. I can't wait to see her again this weekend."


"Erin is wonderful! She is a very skilled healer that can work and combine many different types of healing depending on individual needs. She is someone that you feel comfortable with immediately."


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